Monday, July 6, 2009

Gadget Rave :BBQ Condiments Serveware and other Kitchen finds...

On Sunday, a girlfriend, her baby, and I did a girls-only shopping excursion to the outlet mall. One of the first stops we made was the Pottery Barn Outlets. Oh my goodness, I saw so many items I wanted! However, when I saw this serveware, Naomi and I just fell in love with it. I texted my DB immediately and asked him- "Isn't this something we need?". How cute is this?!

This would be perfect for outdoor BBQs, and aren't they the cutest? Let's take a closer look, shall we?

Another kitchen find I was excited about is this Kiwi Scooper. Let's zoom in on this contraption:

My DB loves kiwis, but quite frankly- I hate the time and effort it takes to peel off the skin... off of something that is SO small (and not worth it, in my honest opinion). But not anymore- all I need to do now is to "scoop" the kiwi fruit and voila.... in no time at all, my DB has his kiwi fruit and I'm done.


Naomi said...

Sooo jealous!!! Those condiment holders are so freakin' cute!!

Laura said...

Oh man, a Pottery Barn OUTLET? You'd have to drag me out of that place kicking and screaming! I don't even have a regular store anywhere nearby.

Those condiment servers are just adorable. Perfect for summer cookouts!

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