Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wilton Cake Decorating Course- Course 1, Class 2

For Class 2, we had to bring a baked cake and prepare all the necessary buttercream frostings so our instructor could teach us how to decorate the cake. Let me tell you- this took a LOT of prep work!

I had to make 3 batches (9 cups) of buttercream, make the 3 various consistencies (stiff, medium, and thin), divvy it up, and then color some of the buttercream. I thought- I’ve made tons of buttercream in the past, so it won’t take me long. BIG MISTAKE. It took me almost 1.5 hours to make it all…. And I still had a cake to bake too.

This class was definitely a good learning experience. I really enjoyed being able to practice the decorating styles, and having our instructor show us and let us know how we could improve. I was so exhausted going into Wednesday’s class, but I left refreshed and excited for the next class.

- Definitely set aside some time the evening before to prepare for the next class. Since our class is on Wednesday evenings, we are making sure our Tuesday nights are free so we can prepare all our baked goods and supplies for class.
- You need to bring in a cake every week, and we think we’ll be sticking to the boxed cake mix since there is a lot of buttercream prep work that needs to be done as well.
- Allow yourself time for mess-ups too (it happened to me, hence why it took over an hour), but don’t stress- this is supposed to be fun!

What did I learn?
- We learned how to do various decorating styles, and practiced them on our practice boards- stars & borders, curving line, tight zigzag, printing/writing, outlining, dots, and part 1 of the Wilton rose.
- I learned that some of the styles were done at a 90-degree angle, while others were done at a 45-degree angle.
- We also learned how to do a pattern transfer (where you take a pattern/design and transfer it onto your cake) using piping gel. For this class, we used piping gel to trace over our pattern, and transferred it onto our Rainbow cake:

A closer look at my rainbow:

My printing definitely needs some practice!

Here you can see my white star border (it is supposed to hide my less-than-perfect icing job, but you can still see through it):

Another closer look at the rainbow of colors:


Bridget said...

It looks great! One of the best Wilton rainbows I've seen. :)

Sara said...

OMG, thank you so much Bridget! And this is coming from someone who I admire so much! (aww shucks, you're making me blush...)

Anonymous said...

That's a great rainbow! It sounds like you had alot of fun! I've wanted to take one of those classes but I worry it's over my head. I can't wait to see the next project!

Anonymous said...

nice work guys! I'm very impressed....and to make your own buttercream on a Tuesday night, true dedication. Glad you're having fun!! Can't wait to see next weeks creation. -Kristin

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