Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wilton Cake Decorating Course- Course 1, Class 3

Welcome to my 100th post!!!

OK- now back to the regularly scheduled subject matter...

My department was hosting a summer luncheon on the morning of Class 3 (our classes are in the evening). I had just finished delivering some leftovers to my DB, and upon returning to the CafĂ©, I suddenly felt sharp, stabbing pains in my lower abdominal region. The pain worsened and was so sharp, I lost consciousness, which eventually led to a call to 911 and I was taken to the ER. Knowing we couldn’t attend the evening’s Wilton class, my DB contacted our Instructor, Melissa, to let her know… and she kindly offered to do a make-up session for us this weekend. We were thrilled!

What did I learn?
We learned several new decorating styles today- Part 2 of the Wilton Rose, Shell border, Figure piping, Fruit & Hearts, Star flower and a Swirl flower.

Our colorful array of buttercream icing:

We started out with thinly frosted cakes with white thin consistency buttercream frosting:

Here my DB is sketching out his design for his cake:

He wanted to make sure his cake was very smooth before starting- he used a tip we learned in class: To make your frosting look extra smooth, take a piece of wax paper and smooth out the top and sides of the frosting with your hand in long, sweeping motion:

Working hard on his Star border:

In our private weekend session, we learned how to complete the Wilton Rose... so here is my DB trying to practice his Rose, transferring to the cake with the flower lifter:

He is doing the Swiss Dot all over his cake:

His finished cake!

A close-up of his Roses:

I chose a floral/luau theme with colors that were bright and festive. Our friend Rachel was turning 30, so I decided to try my hand at figure piping the 4 of us (me and my DB, Rachel and her husband) on the cake, and piped "29+1" for her final days in her 20's.

I started out with a shell border and some swirl flowers on top:

My first attempts at figure piping:

My completed top of the cake (I still need to learn symmetry, lol!):

Here are some close-ups of my shell border and drop flowers:

And my completed cake!


Lisa Oh said...

SO CUTE!! When are you getting your own show on the food network?

Naomi said...

Darin's roses look perfect! And Sara, your cake is so cute!!! Great job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cakes but I have to wonder...what do you do with all of them? A cake per class, that's way too much to eat!

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