Monday, September 28, 2009

Spanish Cheese & Crackers

For our Spanish Feast, we wanted to try some Spanish cheese on top of crackers. We purchased a variety of cheese, and here they are below:

Spanish Spice-Crusted Double Cream Cheddar- This cheese was incredibly delicious, soft, and CREAMY! I love how the spice added a hint of salt & spice to this dish. Very easy to spread over a cracker, or just eat small chunks. We all loved it!

Smoked San Simon- The texture was semi-hard and reminded me of Parmesan cheese. This cheese had a mild flavor as well. I would eat this on its own (without a cracker). The smoke imparts a woody taste.

Queso Tetilla- This cheese was very creamy and soft- the texture reminded me of Brie cheese, but milder in flavor.


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