Saturday, September 5, 2009

Product Review: Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken review

This is better than take-out! Seriously.
Friday night, my DB and I decided to make it a date night in. We hemmed and hawed about which restaurant to go out to, but in the end, HOME won. What a better night than to cook dinner together, spend time talking about our day, and cuddling in front of the TV watching a comedy with great eats?

We decided we wanted Asian food, and my mind immediately wandered to the TJ's bag I purchased a few weekends ago- Mandarin Orange Chicken. With the rice cooker prepping our sticky rice, this was a delicious and easy meal.

Cost: $4.99

The serving size indicates 5 servings, but in reality, it could've served 2-3 people. The bag contains a large portion of already-battered chicken bites with 2 pouches of Orange Chicken sauce.

The instructions call for both a skillet and oven method- both easy with the only difference being the cooking time. Since we wanted to "set it & forget it"- we opted for the oven method. We baked the chicken for 18-20 minutes. Within the last 5 minutes of baking time, we placed the 2 frozen pouches of sauce into a skillet and warmed the sauce. Once the chicken was baked (and the sauce was thawed), we placed the chicken into th skillet and mixed well. Voila.

Overall review: I am always leary of pre-packaged sauces since the taste of them tend to taste "fake". This was delicious! I was so shocked. Even the chicken had a great breading around it that was crisp out of the oven. Most breading tend to be very thick (with very minimal meat inside), but this was definitely the exception. The breading consistency was a good balance to the substantial chicken bite within. We loved it (and my DB devoured it).

Two thumbs up (and our new go-to choice for "take-out" Chinese food)!

Sorry for the bad picture- we were so hungry from the smell of the kitchen, I wasn't patient enough to get a good picture!


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