Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Sweetest Day!

Yes, DB and I celebrate Sweetest Day. We can't help it- we are both hopeless romantics! And we both agree that when it comes to romantic holidays, spending "just us" time is the best celebration.

My DB surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, an apron, and some bath products from Bath & Body Works (White Citrus) tonight! Oh, and he also got me a bag of Jelly Bellys- who doesn't love those jellybeans? :)

UPDATE: One of the items I received was this Scentbug from Bath & Body Works- this thing works so well. It freshens up a room so quickly and without the danger of an open flame/candle... I may need to invest in this for all my rooms.

Alrighty then, we're off to our getaway trip now, but here are some pictures from last night.

Here I am in my glorious PJs, admiring my new apron:

Here is a close-up of my flowers- can you tell lillies are my favorite?

Happy Sweetest Day, D! :)


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