Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gadget Rave: Helllllllo, Pretty Thing!

So I had a love/hate relationship with my old slow cooker. I loved the convenience and ease of placing food into it before I left for work, and a fully-cooked and warm meal waiting for me when I returned home. The problem? Whenever I would return home, my food was burnt. Inedibly burnt. It wasn't until much later I learned that you needed to fill the slow cooker 1/2-2/3 full for it to cook evenly- any less would burn your food. Since it was just the 2 of us, I knew I would never fill it to its (6-qt) requirement... thus the search for a new (and smaller) slow cooker began.

While I still have my old 6-qt slow cooker, it only gets brought out from the basement for large parties where I can fill it up nicely. But for the majority of the time, it's just my DB and I, and I had to find something smaller. I was very specific in what I was looking for- I wanted a stainless steel exterior, 4-qt capacity (enough for the 2 of us plus leftovers), programmable, and kicked into a "warm" feature after it finished cooking. I had a challenging time looking for all of these requirements in a 4-qt capacity... the only one I could find was this Cuisinart model. It had been running approximately $80, but one day I was randomly looking it up and saw it listed for $63.96- SCORE!

I just got it in the mail last night and I am so excited! The stainless steel looks beautiful and classy. I can easily read the time control/countdown (which is also backlit), the crockpot itself came with a cooking rack, which allows me to use a 1-qt souffle pan in my slow
cooker. It also has a retractable cord. Here are some pics!

Here is a close-up of the timer/countdown function:

Here is its backside with retractable cord:

Here is the cooking rack that fits inside the slow cooker pot:

The only downfall is that the picture online looks like it is an oval shape, but it's actually a round, but I can handle.

It takes up minimal counter space... and b/c it's so pretty, I may just leave it on the counter throughout winter (since I foresee myself using it consistently). I have been collecting and reading through slow cooker recipes and cookbooks, so stay tuned for some delicious and easy slow cooker recipes!


A Little About Me... said...

I used to be a nanny for 3 kids while their parents were at work. I would make them their lunch but the parents would make the dinner when they got home (which would be my time to go home). The parents used to have a restaurant so their cooking was sooo good. But they were too tired to just cook for themselves. So what the mom used to do before going to work was take a whole roast beef from costco and throw in some potatoes and carrots and onions and seasonings. By the time they got home, they had a delicious meal to come home to. OMG! That roast beef was soooo good. My mouth is watering just thinking of it right now. lol
I'd love to see your new recipe for slow cooker! =)

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