Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gadget Rave: I love this thing!!

I've been eyeing this carrier at Bed Bath and Beyond for SO long, and just when I was ready to purchase this, they no longer carried it. I was thankful I found it on Amazon (with free super saver shipping), but it was back-ordered. The site would notify me when the product was available, so I placed it in my cart thinking- it would be awhile but I could wait. Well- I have been doing a lot of Amazon shopping lately, so I had been receiving a lot of emails from them saying "(item A)" was being shipped- well low and behold, one night, I opened up an Amazon box and this was staring right at me... and it was love at first sight!

I really like this carrier for specific reasons:
1. It holds 36 cupcakes

2. The "tiers" have enough space in between layers that it won't smash any frosting decoration

3. Each cupcake has a "well" so that the cupcake is safe and secure without any worries that it will topple over

4. The cover snaps tightly and is secure

I've taken this on the road every time, and my cupcakes haven't teetered over, and there is enough space in between each cupcake where- should there be any movement- the cupcakes won't touch one another. I love it!


Dorothy said...

Oh yes, the Cupcake Courier is one of the best inventions ever! I love mine too, and wish I had opted for the pink one instead. :)

Sara said...

LOL- thanks for posting- and yes- it is THE BEST!

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