Sunday, November 22, 2009

Parmesan Smashed Potatoes

These smashed potatoes were wonderful! They were so creamy, sinfully delicious, and we loved the subtle parmesan flavor.

3 lbs red new potatoes, unpeeled
1 Tbsp kosher salt, plus 1 tsp
1 cup half and half
1/4 pound unsalted unsalted butter
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup freshly grated Parmesan
1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1. Place the potatoes and 1 Tbsp of salt in a 4-quart saucepan and add cold water to cover. Bring to a boil, lower the heat and simmer covered for 15-20 minutes, until completely tender. Drain. (Cooking time will depend on the size of your cubed potatoes. I cubed mine small so it would cook quicker.)
2. In an electric mixer with paddle attachment, mix the potatoes for a few seconds to break them up. Don't overmix or the potatoes will result in a glue-y texture.
3. In a small saucepan, heat the half-and-half and butter.
4. Add them slowly to the potatoes, mixing on the lowest speed. The last quarter of the cream should be folded in by hand.
5. Fold in the sour cream, Parmesan, 1 tsp kosher salt, and pepper and serve immediately.

Source: Adapted from Ina Garten


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