Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Girls Night Out Sushi Class

After taking our Wilton cake decorating courses, my DB and I wanted to continue to find cooking-related activities we could both enjoy together. We were looking for a sushi course, but couldn’t find a class anywhere! Fast forward 5 months later, and my good friend Naomi forwards me an email- one of her favorite sushi spots, Bistro Ginza, was offering a Girls Night Out Sushi Class for 4 hours on Sunday evenings. To be completely frank, I was never a fan of this sushi restaurant, but I wanted to spend time with Naomi and the girls, and also learn how to make sushi.

The class was done in their private party room which was great! I felt like it was a private class just for the 3 of us ladies. Naomi and her friend Sarah frequent this establishment often so we definitely got the VIP treatment- instead of learning how to make Sweet tofu and California rolls, we were able to pick out 3 of our favorite rolls- Raccoon, Spicy Tuna, and Sex on the Beach rolls. We had a great time with our instructor Ryan- we were able to catch up, chat, learn how to make sushi, and then the best part- eat the food we made. After this experience, I can now confidently say I have converted into a Bistro Ginza fan. Thank you Naomi for inviting me out for a wonderful evening.

Here is the private room where the sushi class was held:

Naomi, eager to learn!

I am eager too!

We put on our gloves, and got ready to "roll"...

Step 1: Spread the seasoned rice onto the nori (seaweed)- it is important to spread the rice (we learned from Left to Right) with a light touch. Don't pack it down into the seaweed, and ensure you cover the seaweed evenly with the rice.

Step 2: Add the necessary fillings

Step 3: Roll the sushi- This is a 4-step rolling process. You want to move the sushi roll in a forward motion, "firming" up the sushi with every forward motion. Make sure to use a firm, but not strong, touch. (If the roll is "inside out", use a bamboo mat that has saran wrap around it. If the roll has the seaweed on the outside, use a bare bamboo mat.)

Step 4: "Even" out the sushi ends

Step 5: Give the sushi roll a final "firm-up"


Step 6: Cut the sushi- Cut the roll in half, and then cut the halved rolls into thirds


Here's a close-up of our Spicy Tuna roll:

Naomi and her masterpiece

I just finished mine

Spicy Tuna Roll

The Spicy Tuna roll doesn’t just have tuna and cucumbers- this was packed with great flavors. The sushi roll was made inside-out, and the ingredients included were: tuna, finely chopped green onions, daikon shreds, and shredded cucumbers, topped with homemade spicy mayonnaise. I usually tend to stay away from spicy tuna rolls at restaurants since most of them are made the same way, and I like to try their specialty rolls. However, I was pleasantly surprised that I liked this roll so much. I definitely think the green onions added a fresh flavor and helped added extra “heat” to the roll. I also enjoyed the coolness of the daikon (Japanese radish) and cucumbers, which helped to cool down the palate.

Raccoon Roll

This is essentially an inside-out shrimp tempura roll, which is then deep-friend in tempura batter. We all know everything tastes better when it’s deep-fried, right? The sushi roll not only includes shrimp tempura, but also a layer of cream cheese, finely chopped green onions, cucumbers, crabmeat, and spicy mayo. Once the roll is "rolled" up, the entire roll is dipped in tempura batter and then deep fried... again. My favorite roll of the evening.

Sex on the Beach Roll

This one was my favorite sushi rolls to make because of the fresh tuna topping. The Sex on the Beach roll is an inside-out roll which includes eel, cucumbers, crabmeat, and spicy mayo, with a fresh tuna topping. Since it does have the tuna on top, we had to do an extra step with this sushi roll.

Once we rolled out the sushi, we placed filets of tuna on top:

Then we placed a piece of saran wrap on top:

And then used a "bare" (no saran wrap on the mat) bamboo mat to "firm" the sushi roll:

With the sarap wrap still on, we cut the sushi roll into pieces, and then removed the saran wrap:

Completed Sex on the Beach roll!

One last final look- it was so much fun, and tasted delicious!

Source: Bistro Ginza


Naomi said...

Now I'm craving sushi!

Christine said...

Wow I didn't realize they offered a sushi class. Sounds like fun and your rolls look great!

I'm thinking about making sushi for my dinner club this weekend but have no idea where to start. From my net searches it doesn't seem like it'll be too bad, though (any tips?!). Here's to hoping the Kroger up here has the ingredients otherwise guess I'll embark on a special grocery trip :).

Sara said...

Hi Christine- Bistro Ginza has a "sushi starter kit" that includes the bamboo mat, seaweed, ginger/wasabi, soy sauce, spicy mayo, and sushi rice vinegar for $15. I think it's a great starter kit. I know Jungle Jim's sells sashimi-grade tuna too. I also shop at CAM in Evendale- they have all the ingredients there as well. Hope this helps, and good luck!

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