Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Twilight Party (Happy Birthday Maddie!)

Maddie's birthday request was to have a Twilight and New Moon-themed party- her mother, Mackenzie, and I set off to work. We researched and planned for 3 weeks, and the party was pulled off incredibly well. We received many compliments, and all of our hard work and efforts had paid off. Maddie and her friends had a wonderful time, and a birthday she will always remember. A big thank you to Kristie who allowed us to host the party at her Clubhouse!

Color Scheme
The color scheme was based right off the book series: Red (Twilight/Vampires), Yellow/Gold (New Moon/Werewolf), and Black. We had a Red & Yellow balloon cluster at each table. The "inner" tables had red tablecloths (reserved for Maddie and her friends), while the "outer" tables (for adults) had black tablecloths.

Food & Beverages
Thank you to Hostess Blog who created custom Twilight water bottle labels. (Due to the Clubhouse's "no red drinks" rule, we weren't able to have red ("blood") drinks, but that could be an option for you.)

Our menu for the evening:
- Sloppy Joe's
- Nachos
- Cole slaw, Macaroni Salad, and Spinach Dip
- Soda, Water bottles

We placed Twilight quotes everywhere throughout the party- on each table and scattered throughout the buffet and cake tables.

For dessert, Mackenzie ordered (2) half-sheets with Maddie's photoshopped picture on the cakes.

As a surprise to Maddie, I followed Annie's instructions to create Werewolf cupcakes.

I also purchased some edible cupcake toppers (with Bella, Edward, and Jacob) and sprinkled the edges with red colored sugar.

I also made "Vampire Kiss" martinis for the children (another thank you to Hostess Blog). The "blood drip" is actually candy- you make liquid candy, dip the rim of the martini glass, and the sugar drips down as it hardens. Easy and such a fun effect.

1. Tables- Each table had a red & yellow balloon cluster with a red or black tablecloth. The centerpiece was a red apple (as shown on the Twilight book cover) with a red fork stuck inside (for Forks, WA), which held a quote from Twilight or New Moon- plated on a black dessert plate.

2. Place settings- Each place setting had a "How well do you know Maddie?" quiz- something fun guests could fill out- as well as a red napkin with a "vampire teeth" napkin ring, or a yellow napkin with a black satin ribbon. Here is a close-up of the "vampire teeth" napkin ring.

3. Life-size stand-up Edward and Jacob- Mackenzie ordered these from Amazon, and they turned out to be hit! Both Edward and Jacob "greeted" guests as they walked into the party. We set up a portable printer so guests could take a picture with their favorite Twilight character, Kristie printed the pictures at the party, and guests could take home their picture... these pictures served as our favors for the party.

4. Pictures- We had the movie posters, books, and magazines scattered throughout the party as decorations and items guests could view. Thanks to Season and Naomi who photoshopped Maddie's picture into a variety of Twilight/New Moon ads (to appear that Maddie was a part of the Twilight clan):

5. Additional decoration- To add some color and additional decor, we created this Twilight banner:

1. "Vampire Bite" body paint
These were a hit as well! One of Maddie's aunts brought in a few skin-safe paint (red, black) and a brush- she made "vampire bite" images on the kids' necks:

2. Games- We played Twilight Scavenger Hunt, Twilight Trivia (Family Feud-style), and Pin the tail on Jacob:

We had prizes for each game, but one of the prizes we awarded were these "blood bags" (clear cellophane bags filled with Twizzlers)

3. We also had a DJ, they did some karaoke, and danced.

4. We played the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks, as well as the movie.

The party was a success, and created many memories for all.


Michael said...

So creative! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

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