Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gadget Rave: Lightscoop

I was still trying to understand all the functionalities of my dSLR when I was hearing positive reviews about the Lightscoop. The Lightscoop produces natural, flattering light on your subject.

Here is what the Lightscoop looks like:

You just place it on top of your dSLR by slipping the Lightscoop over the flash in its pop-up position, and shoot away. I was taken aback by how much more natural my shots looked.

The before and after difference is incredible. Check it out:

This is my BEFORE shot:

This is my AFTER shot: (See how it produces natural light on my subject?)

How does this work, you ask?
The Lightscoop bounces the light from the pop-up flash to a white or light-colored ceiling or wall for even lighting. I was honestly stunned by the difference. Therefore, there must be a bounce surface for it to work properly. At only $25 with free shipping, we are so glad we took a chance and tried this gadget!


Anonymous said...

Very nifty tool!

Leanne said...

Thanks for the review. I hadn't heard of this but will be checking it out some more tonight.

Jen said...

That's really awesome. I'm so impressed.

kitchen koala said...

Oh wow, what a difference! I don't have a dSLR, but I'll definitely keep the light scoop in mind once I'm on the market for one! Thanks :)

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