Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It’s Game Time at the Snackadium

This is our first year participating in a fantasy football league. Quite honestly, I never understood the hoopla of doing this, but now that I’m being trained and understand how this goes, I’m really getting into it. The draft pick is such an important part of fantasy football, so I thought- why not mark this joyous day with a “Sack the Snack” Snack Day? Any significant event should be celebrated with food, I say. One of my co-workers introduced me to the Snackadium so I can’t take full credit for it, but I had it bookmarked since last Superbowl season and I was pumped to try it out for our Snack Day this year. I was nervous about estimating the amount of food to complete this, but my estimates were spot on (amounts/ingredients list is listed below)- and now you can make this for your next football or Superbowl game!

It's Game Time at the Snackadium

While there are variations of this piece, here is what I used to create this:
- The field: Spinach Dip (Guacamole is another good option, but more costly)
- End zones: Salsa and Queso
- Yardlines: Sour cream markers
- Goal posts: Slim Jims assembled with toothpicks, held up by a block of cream cheese
- Fan vs. field separation: “Pigskins” in a blanket
- “Fans”: Cheetos and Ranch Cheese-Its vs. Fritos Scoops and Tortilla Chips
- Outer stadium: Rice Krispie treats barricade joined with toothpicks

Here is a close-up of the Slim-Jim goal posts:

Here is an aerial view:

I used this picture as my inspiration, and I was determined to recreate this creative work of food porn. Elegant it is not, but it definitely had the “WOW” factor when I brought it to work. This feeds a lot of people, and I liked the variety of savory and sweet- best of both worlds.

Tips & Notes:
- I didn’t have enough time to create the sour cream yardlines, but I think this would’ve added a cute touch!
- You can use cherry tomatoes to make helmets, and use sour cream or cream cheese to design the helmets
- I’ve seen people use Vienna Sausages to create “players” in the field
- You definitely do not need to fill up the 13x9 to the brim with the salsa/spinach dip/queso. Just make sure to make the cardboard dividers/support are as tall as you’d like your food to be.

Here is how I achieved the "field":
I took a 13x9 pan, a cardboard box, and some foil. I cut off the sides of the cardboard box and used the foil to create an "upside-down T" with the foil. This way, it created more support between the food, and prevented the food from leaking into each other.

Listed below are the list of items and amounts I used to make the Snackadium. (I purchased most of these items at Sam’s Club and Walmart.)

- Large wooden board, to place the Snackadium on top (My DB made one for me, but not needed as long as you have a big table to work with to arrange and display your Snackadium)
- Disposable tablecloth (Used this to place on top of the wood board or large surface/table. Definitely would recommend disposable so you can just pick up any remaining food and throw it away- Easier clean-up!)
- Cardboard (I used this to help support/divide between the salsa, spinach dip, and queso in the 13x9 pan)
- Foil (I used this to help divide the salsa/spinach dip/queso in the 13x9 pan)
- 4 index cards or small pieces of paper (To help contain the 4 chips- Cheetos, Cneese-Its, Tortilla Chips, Fritos Scoops)
- Toothpicks (To assemble the Slim Jim goals posts, and to make the Rice Krispie treats stadium)
- Piping bag, coupler, and #3 or #4 tip (to pipe any wording), or just use a Ziploc bag with a corner snipped off

- 35-38 oz of salsa
- (2) 15-oz jars of Queso (I used this)
- 1 recipe of
Spinach Dip
- 8-oz sour cream (yardlines, any word piping)
- 2-oz cream cheese blocks, cut into (2) 1-oz blocks
- 8 Slim Jims (I cut down the Slim Jims to ¾ of its original size)
- “Pigskins in a blanket” (1 package of cocktail wieners and (2) cans of Crescent rolls)
- Cheetos (17-oz)
- 2 recipes of Ranch Cheese-Its
- Frito Scoops (18-oz)
- Tortilla Chips (20-oz)
- 1 recipe of Rice Krispie treats

In order to make it as mess-free as possible, here is how I assembled the Snackadium:
1. Rice Krispie “barricade”- I assembled this first as this is what holds all the snacks in. I just placed a toothpick on either side of the Rice Krispie treat and circled it around the 13x9 pan. How much chips/snacks you had you to buy will determine how large you make this barricade. (I used (22) Rice Krispie treats.)
2. Fan base (Cheetos, Ranch Cheese-Its, Tortilla Chips, Fritos Scoops)- Using your index cards, I placed each card between the 4 corners of the 13x9 pan and the Rice Krispie treat barricade. This helped to place “dividers” so I could place the chips in their own specific section. Once I filled up each section with their respective chips, I removed the index cards.
3. 13x9 pan- I placed the cardboard/foil dividers into the pan, and then filled in each area with salsa, spinach dip, and queso.
4. Sour cream yardlines
5. “Pigskins in a blanket”- Wrap these around the base of your 13x9 pan
6. Sour cream piping around the Snackadium


Christine said...
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Christine said...

Whoa! This is pretty much awesome. I'm hosting a Tailgating themed dinner party in a few weeks and now having seen this I think I MUST make it! I may be back to ask questions but from reading this post looks like you already did a very detailed job with the instructions and such. Great job!

Stephanie @ Confessions of a Trophy Wife said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing!

Cathy said...

great job! looks just like the original source!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Hi! Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe! I cant wait to try it out today. Im going to take little smokies(small hot dogs) and place them on the field as players and then put little cheese blocks on their heads to represent the packers! Thanks again, happy game day!

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