Friday, February 11, 2011

Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Cups

This is hardly blog-worthy, but I decided to put it on here anyways since it's such a simple dessert that is great for parties (since they're portable and are individual servings) and uses minimal ingredients. Anytime I bring these to a snack day or to a friend's home, they get rave reviews, and it's really difficult to only have 1 cookie cup.

You first bake the sugar cookies in a mini-muffin tin. Once they are baked, remove them from the oven and immediately insert a Reese's cup.

I have been making these for years, and I always have a bag of Betty Crocker's Sugar Cookie Mix on hand.


Here are the only ingredients you will need:

The prepwork is really easy. Actually, the most tedious step in this recipe is unwrapping the Reese's cups. If you're looking for an easy snack idea (and fun to do with children), look no further. (Note: The sugar cookies stay nice and soft, which are a perfect compliment to the soft Reese's cups.)

Peanut Butter Sugar Cookie Cups


1. Make sugar cookies according to package instructions. Instead of baking them on a cookie sheet, roll them into small balls and place them into a mini-muffin tin. (You'll make approximately 30 balls.)
2. Bake the cookie cups according to package instructions.
3. While the cookie cups are baking, begin unwrapping the Reese's cups. Unwrap at least the # of cookie cups you are baking.
4. Once they finish baking, immediately insert the Reese's cups into the center of the sugar cookie cups until the Reese's cups are flush with the sugar cookie cups.
5. Allow the cookie cups to cool down, and enjoy!

Yield: 30 sugar cookie cups


Jacque said...

This looks Great! But I must tell you your entire blog is full of yummy-ness. Thank you for this ab-fab blog.

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