Monday, August 29, 2011

Gadget Rave: Say Goodbye to Dry Chicken... Hello, Thermapen!

Darin is a great helper in the kitchen. He always asks where he can help, washes dishes while things are cooking/baking, and I truly enjoy cooking together. Now that is is summertime, I want to utilize our grill as much as possible, and Darin is always happy to oblige. Although he likes to grill, he (God love him) tends to overcook our meat. Maybe it's because he is colorblind (so it is difficult to see the color differentiation b/w cooked and rare meat)? Maybe it's because he doesn't want us to get sick from undercooked meat? Whatever the reason may be, I am truly grateful he enjoys grilling as much as he does... but it just doesn't do our dinners justice when the chicken turns out dry, or the steak has no flavor since it's well-done.

Do we have a food thermometer? Why, yes- we have 2. One of them is a probe where you just stick it into the meat and wait for the dial to tell me the internal temperature (read: takes too long). We also have one for roasts where you insert the probe into the meat, and the thermometer is outside the oven and you can see the internal meat temperature rising until the desired temperature and the alarm starts going off (read: love it for roasts, but that's it).

I needed something that could give accurate readings in just a mere few seconds. In comes the Thermapen. I had read about the wonders of this thermometer a year back, but with its hefty price tag, I thought I'd rather get some shoes. (Who can pass up new shoes?) Well, the time has come to purchase this gadget- and I ordered it for Darin for his 30th birthday.

The Thermapen is light, and easily fits into the palm of your hand. Just open the probe so it is sticking straight out, insert into meat (or bread, sauces, etc) and get an accurate instant read in 3 seconds.

Just pull the probe out and it's on. Just put the probe back in and it's off. The temperature display is large and easy to read. The splash-proof design makes you feel confident that this gadget will continue to work even if it gets wet.

The first time Darin used this was the first time Darin didn't undercook or overcook the meat. And now that I have it, I can't imagine my life without it. Our grilling has definitely increased this summer, and I love to know we can get perfectly juicy and succulent meat every time. We have used it on chicken, pork tenderloin, and steaks, but it can also be used for sauces and baked goods. The probe on this is so slender so checking the internal temperature for baked goods and breads is much more discreet. It's the best thermometer, hands down.


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