Monday, October 10, 2011

Gadget Rave: Chef'n Juicester Citrus/Reamer

I already had a lemon/lime citrus juicer, but more and more recipes I was reading called to use freshly squeezed orange juice. Unfortunately, the orange halves were too large to fit into my current juicer, and I didn't want  to purchase a larger juicer when I already owned one.

So I procrastinated. Are there comparable products out there that taste like freshly squeezed orange juice? Hmm, pretty close, but unless you live in FL, Simply Orange is the closest tasting thing to the real thing. But still, it's not as good as freshly squeezed.

Was it only $13? Yes, but it's the principle, people! I didn't want to buy something I (somewhat) already had, and clutter my kitchen with yet another gadget. So I stood strong. And set aside those recipes.

... And then I saw a smoothie recipe and I was craving it. Like I almost drove 30 minutes to the closest Smoothie King just because I was craving it so badly. But I persevered and made it using some Simply Orange OJ sitting in my fridge. It was good... but could it have been better with freshly squeezed orange juice?!

I finally (finally) pulled the trigger. $13 (and 2 days thanks to Amazon Prime) later, I was excitedly opening up my new juicer. I had a bag of oranges in the waiting. I made this smoothie. Then I made these chicken fajitas. And I have a few more recipes waiting in the wing.

This juicer was terrific. First of all, it plowed through my halved lemon with little time and hardly any effort:
Not only does it have a plastic insert for smaller citrus (lemon/lime), you can take it off easily and then use the actual citrus reamer for both oranges and grapefruits. The pulp also stays right inside the juicer without going into your juice:
I love how the bottom portion measures the juice for you:
.. and it makes juicing easy with its non-skid bottom:
Once you've juiced enough for your recipe, just pour it into your bowl:
Once you're done using it, you can pop off the clear plastic reamer (if you're using it), and then pop off the actual orange reamer top. Washing it is a breeze.
Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, and it continues to get a lot of use in my kitchen.


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