Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gadget Rave: Bernzomatic Butane Micro Torch

I received a lovely Christmas gift of a Creme Brulee set, but I still had to find a kitchen torch. I started scouring Amazon when I remembered that Cook's Illustrated did a product comparison of kitchen torches. I logged into my account and pulled up the article. Their recommendation was for the Bernzomatic Butane Micro Torch for its strong butane flame and continuous flame output. And do you know where they sell this? At Lowe's. That's right- at a home improvement store.

When Darin and I were running errands one afternoon, we were passing by Lowe's and we made a stop to check out the butane torch. The torch was $26 and the butane gas was $5. Here's a lovely visual:

How does this thing work?
You take off the black cap from the butane can and there is this vertical plastic heavy-duty straw sticking straight up. You then take your torch bottom and insert it into the straw device.

Ease of use
The instructions on the butane torch was easy- easy to input the butane. It was also very easy to use for the creme brulee. It perfectly bruleed the custard, and we loved it!


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