Saturday, February 16, 2013

How to... save bacon grease

Photo courtesy of Pen & Fork
I know, it sounds gross... but bacon grease is such a flavor booster, and after Googling various websites, I can officially say I have some bacon grease awaiting for future recipes in my refrigerator. I love how it adds rich, smokey flavors to any dish! For me, I like scrambling eggs with it, as a base for sautéing vegetables, and rubbed on chicken breasts before roasting.

You definitely want to make sure you remove the very fine pieces of baking using a cheesecloth (purchase here on Amazon). This will ensure that your bacon grease will last longer (keep it refrigerated), and will result in a creamy white (flavor-filled) texture.

  1. Let bacon grease cool- it's important to do this. Pouring hot bacon grease into a container risks shattering the glass container. Let the grease cool enough until it starts to get thick... this ensures the grease is safe enough to pour.
  2. Strain the grease through a sieve lined with cheesecloth (double-layered). (As bacon cooks, it leaves very fine pieces of meat in the grease. It's important to strain these bacon pieces as they are the first thing to go rancid. Straining it ensures that you only have bacon grease!)
  3. Pour the grease into a glass container, place the lid on top securely, and place it in the fridge. 
Note: A coffee mug is a great alternative to store small amounts of bacon grease- just make sure to wrap the top with plastic wrap.
Use a cheesecloth over a sieve, and place that over a measuring cup
The cheesecloth catches the fine bacon pieces in the grease
Source: Adapted from eHow and The Kitchn


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