Friday, March 1, 2013

Gadget Rave: EggGenie

D and I have been making a lot of hard-boiled eggs recently- it's an easy and portable snack that is high in protein. The only downside is that I feel like I'm slaving away every 4-5 days to make more darn eggs.

It is no secret that making hard-boiled eggs is easy- what I get tiresome of doing is peeling them. I never seem to be able to peel them easily! Despite reading about all these "tricks" (baking soda, vinegar, salt, etc), NOTHING made them peel easier. So I went to my favorite shopping site (amazon), and started reading about egg cookers... when I came across the EggGenie

4 stars with over 175 reviews? Not a bad start. I started reading about the product and then started reading reviews. I liked that it can soft/medium/hard boil up to 7 eggs at a time, but what I was mostly interested in was if this could make it easier to peel my eggs afterwards.

Well, I am happy to report that it IS so much easier!!! I've made 2 batches today so far. 1 batch this morning, and made another this afternoon. I also love that I didn't have another pot to watch- this product is electric, and the buzzer sounds off when the eggs are ready. Thus, I was able to pre the eggs into the EggGenie, and reheat chili, and wash some dishes simultaneously. Once the EggGenie buzzer buzzed 15 mins later, I placed the eggs into a bowl of ice cold water. Once the eggs cooled down, voila- EASY TO PEEL eggs!

Let's take a look at my new kitchen gadget, shall we?
Here is how easy it is to use the EggGenie:
  1. Remove the cone-shaped top from the base.
  2. Remove the middle "egg holder".
  3. Next, fill the measuring cup (provided) with cold water (the amount will depend on the # eggs, and if you want them soft, medium, or hard-boiled) and pour it on top of the aluminum plate.

4. Place the egg holder back on.
5. On the pointier end of the egg, prick a small hole using the sharp needle (this will allow steam to escape from the egg to prevent it from breaking.)
6. Plug it in, and the buzzer will announce when it is done! (It buzzed for me after 15 minutes for 7 XL eggs). (The cone-shoped top has a steam vent, so make sure not to place the EggGenie under a cabinet while cooking.)
7. Once the eggs are finished cooking, place the eggs in a bowl of ice cold water and allow them to cool completely. 
8. To peel the eggs, I rolled the eggs across my countertop to crack it, then dipped it in the cold water bowl, and peeled away.
The yolks were soft right out of the EggGenie, but once you refrigerate them, they firm up well

Some tips I've learned from reading about hard-boilding eggs:
  • Older eggs are easier to peel than fresher ones (old does not mean expired!)
  • Putting the eggs in ice cold water prevents having the yolk have a "green" film around it (look at my picture- you'll see no green ring around the yolk)
  • The 1st batch I made, I had 7 XL eggs, and filled it up with cold water to the "7 eggs" mark on the measuring cup. The egg whites weren't as firm as I liked.
  • The 2nd batch I made, I had 6  XL eggs and filled the measuring cup to the "5 eggs" mark- I knew I wanted it to cook longer (and thus the egg whites would be firmer). This worked for me!


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